Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Vlie pt. one

My bff and I went on a little holiday to the dutch island of Vlieland at the beginning of last month! We have been visiting Vlieland every year for the past few years for the Into The Great Wide Open festival (see posts here and here) but this was the first year we made our trip into an actual vacation. We took the boat from Harlingen a few days early to hang around the island a bit before the excitement started which was probably one of the best ideas we ever had. This first day we rented some cool bikes with pink tires and just rode around the island for a while. We saw lots of cool insects, petted horses, picked flowers, enjoyed the amazing views and the salty sea air, cooked dinner, did a bit of reading, drank some gross pre-mixed mojito and went to bed early. What more could a girl want out of a day

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P.S. You might wonder why it took me this long to post... Well... I snapped waaay too many pictures and wanted to edit every single one of them because I thought maybe I could fit them all in just one post. But I don't know who I was kidding because I couldn't fit all those pictures in ten posts if I wanted to! Haha! I managed to narrow them down to about five not-so-huge posts, which I know is still a lot, but hey! I'm an adult! And this is my blog! I can do what ever I want!

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