Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vote for Pedro

When Annika's cute bunny Pedro suddenly passed away, she asked me to do two portaits of her, one to frame and one on a tote bag. Unfortunately, the first version of the bag was lost in the monsoon of early 2012 and I had to start over, but the DAC sofa ate up all my time. I feel like such a douche for letting her wait so long but I hope she likes what I made for her and forgives me, and maybe it will even soften her pain a bit. I know how hard it is to lose an animal you love so dearly and with the painting of these portraits I feel like I sort of know Pedro and I can only imagine how much she misses her, she was such a cute bunny.



  1. Het wachten meer dan waard hoor lieve Anne!!
    Ze zijn in het echt nog veel mooier dan op de foto <3 <3 Duizendmaal dank!

  2. Knipoog naar m'n lievelingskomedie van de afgelopen 10 jaar.


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