Monday, February 06, 2012

Every artist's worst nightmare.

So.. Yesterday evening thís happened. I was feeling a bit ill and was watching some stupid television when I heard a dripping noise. I checked the kitchen to see if the tap was running but there was nothing wrong there. Then I opened the door to my workspace and saw a flippin' monsoon coming from the entire ceiling with an enormous waterfall just where my iMac was. I started screaming and grabbed my iMac while yanking the chord, which gave me crazy electric shocks. My mom came to help and unplugged the electric devices and I started to get anything important out of the room; my originals, my external hard drives, the handpainted bags, books, graduation work, and what ever the hell else I could save. Then we covered all of the rest of the stuff in the room with huge plastic sheets. Meanwhile I was totally soaked and it would.not.stop.leaking.

Turns out a pipeline has burst in our bathroom, which is right above my studio. I can not believe the amount of water that came from the ceiling, the water on the floor almost reached my ankles. Thank god our plumber came pretty quickly (about 15 minutes? though it felt more like an hour) and turned the water off. But it had been leaking like crazy for quite some time before I actually noticed something was wrong so a lot of my stuff is destroyed. Original artwork, the handpainted bags and horsemasks I was working on, a LOT of art supplies (I threw away about 20 posca pens at about 8 euros a piece today), my wacom, scanner and printer, books, packaging materials and more. But most important; my iMac and my external hard drives. As I said before, my iMac was just under the biggest stream of water and the external hard drives where attached to it. I called the iCentre help-guy this morning and he told me not to try to turn it on and maybe then he could save my HD. I really don't give a shit about my iMac, I'll buy a new one I don't care, but if I lose all of my data I will be devastated. On a happier note, I have been able to save my graduation work, PPDD and some other recent drawings.

Today I have been trying to make a list of everything that's damaged for the ensurance company and it has been very hard on me. I get very attached to stuff and seeing all of the things I have worked so hard on like this was very sad. I also háted throwing away letters and my dear thrift finds and so much other stuff I loved. I won't deny I have shed tear of two, or more. I'm taking my iMac to the iCentre tomorrow so hopefully they can save my HD, and it will take me a few more days to clean up this mess. It's crazy. And EVERY THING SMELLS SOOO BAD (like I imagine the Bog of Eternal Stench). And I will have to paint the entire room because the walls are covered in crazy yellow stains. Yulgh!!!

To make a long story short; I am without iMac yet again so I will be behind on work, yet again. FML.



  1. Och meiske, maar hopen dan dat er nog íets gered kan worden van alles op de harde schijven... Wat een bende je kamer zeg. Heel veel sterkte en succes en zoals Menah zei: Gelukkig heb je je talent nog!
    x Annemarie

    1. Ja ik hoop het ook echt heel erg, ik ga zometeen naar het iCentre reparatie centrum. Ik heb er wel een hard hoofd in want ik tilde gisteren mijn iMac op en toen hoorde ik hem klotsen. Maar goed, misschien mijn externe harde schijf. We zien het wel. En haha ja, dankjewel :) <3 jullie zijn lief.

  2. ahnee, wat rot ):
    dat is echt een nachtmerrie .. hopelijk kan er nog genoeg gered worden!

    1. Gelukkig is de schade uiteindelijk mee gevallen. Vooral veel dingen die vervangbaar zijn (scanner, wacom, printer, materiaal etc etc) en oud werk, dat is niet zo heel erg. Wel wat dingen waar ik hard aan heb gewerkt maar niet heeel veel. Gelukkig.


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