Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Timmy T-shirt

My brother in law Martijn turned 41 (!!!) this Saturday! That is 21 years of me knowing him! That's right, I met him when I was 3 years old! Crazy right? I have this tradition where I give him a T-shirt every year for the past few years (I see it as my personal duty to make him look cool as he is getting seriously old) and this time I made him one myself! I painted his kitten Timmy on it because Timmy is pretty much the coolest cat I know. He is 50% Maine Coon so he is huge and SUPER FLUFFY. I can not handle his fluffiness. I will put some pictures below. Anyway, it was my first time painting a decent T-shirt! I have done so a few times before but that was when I had no idea what I was doing painting-on-fabric wise. I hope the painting holds with washing it and stuff.

They should've named him Prince.



  1. Replies
    1. Niet te geloven hè? En zó zácht!!! En ook nog eens heel lief en cranky.

  2. wat een cool tshirt!
    en timmy ziet er heerlijk knuffelbaar uit, zo zacht!

    1. Dankje! En ja dat is hij ook! Ik heb echt nog nooit zo iets zachts gevoeld haha! Nouja, misschien een kuikentje :))


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