Sunday, March 18, 2012


1: Finally made my cross-stitched birdy into a pillow! 2: FEED ME, HUMAN!

3: Great expo @ Westergasfabriek Amsterdam 4: I'm very ill and Miia seems to enjoy it.

5: Finished my dinosaurs dress! 6: Should have bought this.

7: Fluffiest cat EVAR! 8: Best way to end a super crappy day, cross-stitching a frog and drinking a bottle of wine.

9: Under the covers on my hand on my stomach making some serious motorboat sounds. 10: Finished another dress! A pretty pink lace one this time!

11: I love pretty things in jars 12: My sheep are cuter than your sheep.

13: I am ADDICTED to this vintage fabric! I wish I had more of it. 14: Hello cutie little baby cabbage

15: Brian keeps getting better at the whole lifeless stare thing. 16: I had an amazing first day of spring picking and drying flowers.

17: I put glittery laces in my runningshoes because you CAN NOT name a shoe 'Pegasus' and not put glitter on them! 18: Prettiest book with the prettiest illustrations but really old so really expensive :(

19: If it's not for sits, why is it made of knits? 20: Working on a series of handpainted tote bags to match the DAC sofa I'm also working on. Here's the pretty much finished forest dormouse and the emperor moth in progress.

Pictures are clickable!



  1. Wauw, I LOVE al deze foto's omdat:

    a. Wat een gekke bruine poes, haha!
    b. Leuk roze jurkje heb je gemaakt.
    d. Ik wil zo'n tasje als ze af zijn.

  2. jouw instagram (en daarmee deze posts) is een van mijn favorieten <3
    zo schattig & kleurrijk allemaal, heerlijkkk

    1. Aw thanks! Dat vind ik heel leuk om te horen want ik dacht juist dat ik een hele saaie instagrammer was haha :D!

  3. super tof jurkje!
    en yay voor de hoeveelheid katten in deze post :D

  4. luvvvv zulke leuke foto's! schaapje <3 en ik wil dat roze jurkje!!!


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