Thursday, November 03, 2011

This is halloween! Halloween! Halloween! Halloween!

Mirjam and I love scary stuff so we love Halloween! This year we just sat on her couch, ate a lot of candy and other creepy food, played a scary board game (Atmosfear) and watched some horror movies (Nightmare on Elmstreet, The Evil Dead and The Descent). May sound a bit dull but we had a great time :)!

I made some pumpkin/apple/blood/spider/eyeball cupcakes!

Made this dress especially for halloween (but will probably be wearing it all the time) out of one of my favorite duvet covers from when I was little. I love(d) it so much 'cause those little ghosts glow in the dark! It's really cool. I'm really happy with the outcome of this dress, it has a cute little rounded collar (which I never did before!) and I love the sleeves. I really hate taking pictures of myself though, I feel so awkward. Yulgh.

Painted my nails to match my dress!

Mirjam and her hubby Ben decorated their whole house! So awesome!

Our favorite Nightmare on Elmstreet scene!

We watched some old music videos in between movies. Pretty damn scary.

Mirjam and Ben made some aaaawesome food! This was a caterpillar made out of figs and cheese! They also made eatable graves, brain soup and more scaaaaary food.

Love this movie.

Words Anne, Pictures Anne & Mirjam

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