Sunday, October 30, 2011

Little dead mole

It may seem a bit odd, but I get awfully excited when I find a dead animal. I lóve the way I can just touch them, study them and feel their furry skin (or feathers! Or whatever!) and they really don't mind haha! Today I found this little dead mole in our garden, it was such a cutie and he had the softest fur! I think he died due to natural causes, because the lower part of him was still burried in the ground. I took him out and had a lot of fun studying him and taking some pictures!

That last picture may seem a bit scary to those of you who aren't used to this kind of thing but look at that nooose! And those little teeth! And those tiny paws and that little furry tail! Can you imagine little guys like this are busy underground all day and night? Coolest thing ever if you ask me.

When I was done studying and taking pictures I put him in this pretty lace bag and burried him. Hopefully I can dig up some tiny mole bones in a few months!

Words & pictures Anne

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