Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Go shawty, It's your birthday.

I turned 24 this Saturday! It was such a weird birthday because I didn't plan on celebrating it at all but I ended up sort-of-celebrating it all weekend! I was planning on just eating cake with my family and bff on Saturday but my neighbour (and family-friend) died a few days earlier and was cremated on the day of my birthday. So we decided to just pretend my birthday was on Sunday and that Mirjam would come over on Saturday to bake some cakes (raspberry cheesecake and chocolate cake) and watch movies (as we usually do). Mirjam and I ended up sorting out cross-stitch patterns to buy for hours and didn't spend much time baking or watching movies at all haha! We are such geeks. Sunday my family came over and we just stuffed ourselves with great vegetarian food. So, I had a pretty nice weekend. I also got greaaatt presents! I feel like such a snob taking pictures of my presents but I'm just so happy and you guys need to see this awesomeness!

Mirjam made me these awesome after eight cupcakes with Darth Vader and Stormtrooper rings! So awesome. Also, these napkins are flippin' 3D! I lurv it.

Mirjam also got me this AMAZING Ambird original art moleskine!!! I love Ambirds work so much and as you probably noticed, I love cats, so I am so excited about this! Prettiest ever!

She also got me these manatee socks and unicorn pin from Sick For Cute! I have been lusting over these for ages! SO AWESOME.

And this awesome porcelain dachshund and piggybank <3 And an awesome book with animal stories, a Tarzan comic, a pencil sharpener nose (can you believe this actually excists?! Haha! You have to stick your pencil into one of it's nostrils :')), holographic animal stickers, totoro hairclips

and this unbelievable fozzie bear backpack. SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF I ALMOST DIED!

My mom got me this adjustable mannequin which I am soooo happy about! I can make some awesome dresses now.

And my mom also got me Lush No Drought, awesome River Island tights and nailpolish in pretty pastel colors <3 Got this Maneki Neko mug from my sister. SO COOOL!

My sister also got me a glittery cupcake christmas ornament and a papertoy book (best about this book is you can easily design your own! Pretty cool!). My brother got me cute crochet ear-muffs, a pretty japanese brush I really love and a cd with amazing high resolution Star Wars artwork!!!!!

The cherry on this birthday's cake was definately this TAKE THAT CALENDAR. I can not believe my brother actually bought me a Take That Calendar. I almost cried. UGLIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. I love it.

I am so spoiled!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3


  1. Coole cupcakes & leuke kadootjes!

  2. aaaaa jij hebt (en ja, krijgt dus ook) altijd zulke leuke dingen :D

  3. Gefeliciteerd en wat een geweldige cadeaus heb je gekregen!

  4. geef mij aub even ál je cadeaus. superleuk!!

  5. Thanks guys! :)

    @Nona, Ik denk dat ik ze toch maar zelf hou ;D!


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