Thursday, November 24, 2011


1: Finished knitting another huge circle scarf! 2: It's finally cold enough to wear these babies again!

3: This is probably my fav sweater of all time. 4: River Island I love you and your crazy hats!

5: Kitty Miia is super stylish. 6: Filling up our Etsy shop with the framed PPDD pictures.

7: I sketch like a retard. 8: Kitties & Stephen King books <3

9: Nintendo cat! Beep boop! 10: Working on a silly illustration.

11: One of my fav selfmade dresses. 12: I love you Timmy!

13: A great night with Merlin watching submarine, eating wok take out and drinking crazy cocktails in an even crazier blue lighted bar. 14: Gave my niece Feline some sewing lessons! She made her first skirt and bag!

15: Kitty Brian loves to sleep under the covers with me. Preferably on my belly. It's kinda nice to not need a hot water bottle though. 16: Kitty nails! Orange ones this time.

17: Best 1 euro thrift find. 18: Made my own birthday dress from a thrifted tablecloth. It has really cute sleeves, a round collar and swan buttons!

19: Burned my arm on some pumpkinsoup-steam. Looks good yes? Looks even better now! 20: It's kinda hard to fight the urge to buy these stuffed animals. I love taxidermy but I feel like buying stuff like this contradicts everything I believe in. But look at those faces!

21: I love the Noordermarkt in Amsterdam so much! 22: Foggy Amsterdam <3

23: Gingerbread latte I have missed you so much! 24: Kitty cross stitching!

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