Monday, January 28, 2013

Count Your Blessings #31

What made me feel blessed this week:
INTO THE GREAT WIDE OPEN TICKETS! Yesss! I've been nervous about getting tickets since they announced the selling date and I am SO GLAD we got them. I can't wait. Mirjam and I are going for a full week this year and we've got the same cabin as last year and we are going to have so much fuuuun! Can it be September already? But also; the snow melting, sunshine, working at the animal shelter, Friends, Seinfeld, coffee, drawing, finishing The Thief of Always by Clive Barker, starting Pet Sematary by Stephen King, my bed, finding my Lazy Oaf scarf after what must be a year of searching for it, rearranging my fabric collection, the scent of spring in the air, dropping my iPhone on the stone floors and shattering the glass but at least it still works?, painting, all of my animal friends, grumpy Brian, thrifting and last but not least Alexander Pechtold's butt on my DAC sofa at Limes030!!!

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  1. I love your planters! Beautiful blessings as always :)

  2. Niet zo leuk van je iPhone :-s, maar voor de rest wel fijne blessings :-)


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