Monday, May 07, 2012

Nerdfighter Note Project

Yesterday, May 6th, was the Nerdfighter Note Project. I've been into Nerdfighting for a while now, and thought this was a perfect first project to join. The idea is basically that you hide cards within books to tell people about Nerdfighteria. Or, as we like to put it: To spread the awesome.

Since the whole idea I love about Nerdfighters is that we like to decrease worldsuck, I decided to write some inspirational quotes on my cards. Obviously, I drew them from some of my favorite Nerdfighter-related films and books. I chose six quotes and made two cards of each quote (so twelve in total) that I distributed in two different book stores in my city (Haarlem).

I used some soft pink cards and added stickers that I thought fitted the quotes (for example, this is a quote by the 11th Doctor and the sticker has a bowtie!)

This is what I wrote on the back of the cards.

A notecard in Ransom Riggs' Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children. I tried to hide all the cards in Nerdfightery books :)

I actually felt kind of nervous hiding them in the books, like I was committing a crime or something :') But we didn't get 'caught' and everything went fine and I really loved doing it. I enjoy the idea that I put them there and will never know what happens to them and that someone might find them there and will never know that I have put them there. I hope they brighten someone's day!




  1. This. Is. So. Awesome!!

  2. Wow, Anne en Mirjam! Ik kende deze blog helemaal niet! Ik voeg 'm even toe aan de links op mijn blog. Mooie foto's ook bij de blogpost, maar ik was sowieso al fan van het werk van Anne.

    1. Ah bedankt voor de link, wat lief! & Welkom :)


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