Saturday, May 12, 2012

Free art by Menah!

Guys! I need your help. My dear friends Menah and Glitterende Eenhoorn are looking for a home in Amsterdam, as they have to move out of their current house in July! And I would REALLY love if they could stay in Amsterdam because I love them both so so much and I'd hate if they would move far away.
They are looking for something with preferably two rooms, roommates would be okay and rent could be up to €800. And (and this is the awesome part) the golden-tip will get you..... tum tum tum.... free art! Menah is an amazing artist with great portrait-skills and she will actually draw you a portait! Of anyone you want! If that doesn't make you want to get them a roof over their head, I'm not sure what will.
Please comment your golden-tips below or on their blog (and go follow them too, you won't regret it). Thank you so much



  1. Ik heb menah een berichtje gestuurd omdat ik een huis wist :) hopelijk werkt het!


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