Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Snails on trees

I was on a walk with Sofie on a foggy and rainy day when I suddenly noticed the trees, they were filled with snails! It felt really weird, almost apocalyptic, like there was some sort of great flood coming to end the world and they were the only ones who knew about it. There were hundreds! Some big, some small, all beautiful. And as I am a crazy-person, I took a gazillion pictures. Here's a few!

That can't be comfortable, right? Their slimey bodies on those mossy trees?

This makes a lot more sense.


P.S. If you didn't get the news yesterday, my dear friend Mirjam started her very own blog, don't forget to follow her! And there will some minor changes be going on here on the blog as well.


  1. Deze heeft een soort spiegelmaatje op de boom, zo mooi <3

    1. Ja :D Die was heel klein. Ik vond ze allemaal zo mooi <3


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