Monday, April 23, 2012

Dutch Art Collaboration the final pt.

So, there it is. The finished sofa! And it still feels weird to not be working on it anymore.
I painted this sofa for Dutch Art Collaboration, where it is for sale and they will exhibit it on several occasions as well.

Dutch Art Collaboration brings the vision of modern artists into contact with objects from the past. Old craftsmanship often seems to be lost in our modern society because of our changing values and priorities. Instead of preserving antiques, we continue the creative process that our ancestors once have begun and present a redefinition of functionality and aesthetics. Dutch Art Collaboration is always on the lookout for artists who are able to bring back life to faded glory. Besides our main products, we also offer independent works from artists we work with. We value and support modern art as much as we respect and praise the hard work and creativity of our predecessors.

I loved working on it and it really is a great concept which I glady contributed to. And YES! You can actually sit on the thing! I'm sure I spammed you all to death with it but you can see all progress pictures here on tha blog or on our facebook page.
I also made these tote bags below to match the sofa. They are made with thrifted fabrics which I handdyed and handpainted. The bags are also entirely double stitched and lined with the same fabric so they are very sturdy and can handle a lot! But are obviously not made to carry around your brick collection.

Available here.

Available here.


Available here.

I hope you enjoyed and there are a lot more amazing pieces made by other artists! So go check it out at You won't regret it!



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