Wednesday, March 28, 2012

There and back again: a Belgian tale

This weekend I went on a short holiday with my family-in-law to the Belgian village of Michelbeke (about 30 kilometres south of Gent). We had an amazing weekend, the weather was so nice (felt like summer!) and we stayed in such a beautiful house in the middle of nowhere, I loved it! I made some animal friends, walked around in the fields and hills, and we visited some pretty interesting places.

The pictures above were all taken at the l'Hôpital Notre-dame à la Rose, a beautiful museum that I could have wandered around in for hours.

Most beautiful sink EVER.

At the museum were four cats, amongst which this amazing Maine Coon. So pretty!

Me cuddling with one of the other cats


The area where we were staying is a very catholic area, and I absolutely LOVE religious art, so here are some of my favorite Jesus's from the weekend.

Melting Jesus

Golden Jesus

Jesus with boobs

Art relating to the pest is so fascinating, and I think the pest-masks that they used to wear are so amazing. The museum had a pretty awesome collection of them (and even a pest-mask-puppet!).

Some random Magritte-art in the most depressing village ever.

The view from our house. The neighbour had deers! They were very pretty, but very scared as well so I couldn't photograph them :( One did very bravely eat a carrot out of my hand though!

The last day we visited the city of Gent. Such a beautiful and fascinating city! The buildings are all just a-ma-zing, and everyone is so nice and sweet there!

This was my cat-friend for the weekend. She was a stray cat that the neighbour was taking care of, and I cuddled with her a lot. Every morning when I got up she would wait for me by the window. Such a sweet cat



  1. Ha! Wij hebben précíés dat pestdokter masker! Uit mijn vaders museum nog :)

    1. Volgens mij zijn alle pestdokter-maskers relatief hetzelfde? Maar awesome bb :)) Hebben jullie ook zo'n heel pak erbij? Deze had ook nog een hele mooie jas aan <3

  2. wooo, die wastafel!
    die zou ik ook wel in mijn badkamer willen hebben.


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