Monday, February 20, 2012


1: Long-tailed tit bag in progress 2: Cheese?

3: WHAT?! 4: Kiss-ass.

5: This is gonna make a crazy (awesome) dress. 6: Bought this awful awesome 90's skiing jacket. SO.WARM.

7: FOOD?! 8: My sister, her husband, their daughter and me went sledding and had a lot of fun!

9: Flooded studio :( so sad 10: While me, my room and my stuff are a total mess, Miia is having a great nap in the sun.

11: MIMI HAS THE CUTEST KITTIES 12: Can not wait untill I finish this dress so I can never take it off again.

13: I love my crazy stuffed blowfish. 14: I got my little stinky-face a pink heart for his collar.

15: Still the same babyface, I wear the same kind of dresses and I am not that much taller either. 16: Yulgh.

17: Mimi and I went to see The Phantom Menace in 3D! 18: My brother brought by a huge pan of tiramisu. I think he wants me dead.

19: Biggest bug ever! 20: Made a little dead-animal corner in my workspace with my bat and shrew on strong water, stuffed blowfish and loads of insects!

Pictures are clickable!



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