Monday, February 20, 2012

Meow pt. 2 - The Diva Edition

Toes is growing more and more accustomed to living with us, and doesn't she look like a true diva? She has made a safe place for herself in the bed of our guest room, and loves it when I visit her there to play with her and give her some cuddles. She is a very sweet and cuddly cat, and she is very brave as she starts to move around the house more and more. But mostly, she loves to stay in bed, close to the heater and away from Chalo (she still doesn't like him very much, but this will probably be over when we sterilise her). So I visited her in her room and was able to snap a few pics for you :) Just two, 'cause I didn't wanna bother her too much.

(She is the same color as Chalo, but the light was a bit orange in this room, because I have an orange curtain there)

- bonus picture of Chalo -


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