Tuesday, January 24, 2012


1: Christmas! Home Alone! 2: Day after christmas! Gremlins!

3: Donald duck beeeyes 4: Finished my Star Wars dress!

5: Miia fur is the softest fur! (why would you wear fur when you can cuddle kitties?) 6: Brian is such a casanova.

7: Wagamama with Mimi! Jum! 8: We also went to this lecture about the end of the world as we know it.

9: I made some bows for my hair but they look better on Miia. 10: Rilakkuma iPhone case ILU

11: My iMac died right before this picture. Here i'm trying to calm down by watching a silly movie. 12: My cat thermos makes tea taste like liquid gold.

13: Cat Portrait for Shanna in progress. 14: Mirjam sent me Human Centipede mail! :')!

15: Fav thrift find! 16: Making pasta from the eggs of my own little chickens!

17: I love my bed <3 (and so does Brian) 18: Great to have you back my dear friend.
19: Unicorn Loves Deer, Deer Loves Unicorn! (Loooovedddd Alamo Race Track in Patronaat!) 20: My favorite cardigan! (this is the back)



  1. die thermosfles is denk ik wel de meest awesome thermosfles die ik ooit heb gezien!

    1. Haha ja he! Ik ben er ook heel erg blij mee! Helemaal aangezien ik er maar 1 euro voor heb betaald! :D


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