Friday, December 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom turned 61(!!!) this thursday! And since she is walking around with a seriously ugly phone sleeve I made her 5 years ago (and would not get rid off even though I have asked her so many times! I hated looking at that thing!) I made her a new one, with portaits of our dear piggies Dinant and Daisy on it! I ruined it multiple times and started over twice (I'm not sure why but it's REALLY hard drawing your own animals! At least, it is for me.) and I am still not very excited about it, but my mom is so that's all that counts! It's pretty small, about 10cm/4inches tall, and I handpainted it on green cotton and lined it with some crazy vintage mint flower fabric.

Oh and I forgot to say; I have the best mom ever, she does so much for me and is just the nicest person. Love you mom!



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