Friday, December 09, 2011

Animal Family - Brian

A little over 6 months ago, I moved back into my parents house (I was graduating at that time (I studied Illustration at the HKU - a dutch art academy) and had a hard time focussing on my project at my room in Utrecht). My parents live in a farmhouse in a polder called Beemster, a World Heritage. It's very quiet and peaceful and we have a lot of animals (eventhough they are not actually farmers, we don't have not thát much animals, plus we actually love them) and those animals are a huge part of my life, so it seemed strange I hadn't really blogged about them before! So today I'm going to start a series of posts about my animals, starting with the latest addition to our family:

We adopted Brian on the 5th of july of this year. One of my facebookfriends posted on her wall that she knew this cat who's owner had died and needed a home or he would be taken to an animal shelter. This is very stressful for a cat so she hoped to find him a new home though facebook. I commented and not much later my mom and I went on a road trip to Rotterdam to get our new animal friend! We named him after my facebookfriend's boyfriend, Brian. Brian was about 5 years old and had never been outside and never had any cat-friends so we were very excited to give him all this in our home.
But, we didn't realize Brian was this out-of-his-mind crazy, we can't help but think he is very traumatized by something. He has a very weird crack in his skull, he sticks out his tongue, he falls of of everything, walks like a pirate and it took him 5 months to figure out the cat-door. Also; Brian can not get along with the other cats, at all, but he does love me. A lot. No but really, he loves me A LOT. He sleeps on my stomach under the covers every night, follows me around all day, won't eat unless I give it to him, won't go outside unless I open the door, brings me dead mice as presents etc. He is one of the silliest cats I have ever met but I love him to death.

Do any of you have a catfriend as crazy as Brian?



  1. Hahaha I do! I do! I love weird cats!
    Mine is called Leentje. A tiny black cat who also walks around with her tongue out. And her sound is terrible!

  2. Hah this reminds me of a cat from a friend of mine, Didge. He had a huge hole in his head as a kitten and is still highly uncoordinated at times (when he jumps, his front paws land fine but his hind legs kind of wobble around or his butt falls over). But he is as sweet as anything, really <3 He loves to sleep under your legs when you are under a blanket.

  3. @Linda haha! Die filmpjes!!! Hilarisch :D

    @Inge oh dat klinkt heel erg als Brian haha wat lief.

  4. Alledrie mijn katten zijn gek, misschien is het ook wel kat-eigen om gek te zijn? Tongetje-uitsteek-katten zijn zo lief <3.
    Heb ook een kat gehad die als hij heel blij en enthousiast was met z'n staart ging trillen en plastic zakjes ging likken :').

  5. Ja tot op een zekere hoogte wel! Maar sommige zijn extra raar. Zoals Brian. Ik heb overigens ook wel een aantal soort-van normale katten gehad :)
    Maar lol! Waarom zou je plastic zakjes likken :D

  6. Ik kan me jullie huis in de Beemster nog herinneren! Zo wil ik ook ooit wonen!

    Wat lief dat je Brian geadopteerd heb, ik heb mijn kat ook geadopteerd, soortgelijk verhaal!


  7. @Sunaina oh wat grappig! Ben je hier een keer op mijn verjaardag geweest? Ik hoop ooit dit huis van mijn ouders over te nemen haha :)

    En wat leuk! Is altijd het beste om te doen he, ookal zijn kittens ook zo walgelijk schattig xx


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