Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Menah (or Merlin, as I usually call her) is not only an AMAZING artist but one of my closest friends as well. And eventhough I feel like such a crappy artist next to her, I have to make her something for her birthday every year! This year I made her a goat bag! Not a bag to carry a goat in, but a bag with a goat painted on it, just to be clear. It may seem weird but we just really love goats!

This is my mother's button tin, I used to love playing around in it as a child and I still do. It's really old, it used to be my grandmother's!

Big buttons, tiny buttons, ugly buttons, pretty buttons! But I was looking for a press-stud! I'm not sure why I always start with the buttons.

"Can I sit on it?"

LOVE these pencils!

I was trying to make the lining for the bag here. It's made from an old pillowcase I bought on the Noordermarkt once.

Thanks Brian. I can really get things done now.

Drinking loooads of coffee from the awesome avatar mug I got my brother for his last birthday, but it's broken. It used to be one of those mugs where there's nothing on it but when you poor something hot in it it MAGICALLY appears! But my mom put it in the dishwasher and it died. Now it's just a stupid avatar mug.

My work space!

I usually don't use acrylics,

but I needed to since I was going to use this stuff! I love it. You just mix it in with the acrylics and BOOM, awesome textile paint.

Watched Grave Encounters while painting. Some Blair Witch rip off, it wasn't that great but I have seen worse.


Painted a tiny chopped off finger on the inside as my signature!

Done painting! Just need to iron it.

Sewing sewing all day long!

Sewing one side of the flap into his mouth!


And here she is wearing it! I had send it to her the day before her birthday with "DO NOT OPEN BEFORE 0:00" on the envelope haha. She whatsapped me like crazy on 0:03 ;D! Really cute, I'm so glad she likes it.


Pictures are clickable!

Words & Pictures Anne

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