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I think I can speak for us both when I say that our favorite store in the Whole Wide World is Lush <3 When Anne and I became friends, she took me to Lush and got me instantly hooked on everything Lush. Just the store itself is already so pretty and smells soooo good! The people are always nice, and by not testing on animals, making a lot of their products vegan and using bags that you can throw on your pile of compost, Lush makes us genuinely happy! Also, their products are all wonderful (no really), smell amazing (seriously), are all kinds of awesome colors (pink! pink!) and have glitters. Yes, some of them really glitter. Oh Lush, we love you!

As Lushious Lushers we like to try out new stuff, and that is why we regularly go to release parties, where new products are released. This week we went to the Christmas release party in Amsterdam and oh, did we buy some amazing stuff <3 We did spend a bit too much money (as always) but: we will be the best smelling homeless people in the world!

Anne's score

1: Rocketeer is such a genius bath ballistic! It floats and pushes itself through your bathwater! And it smells so amazing, like pineapple candy. Plus, it's a fucking silver spaceship, how can you not love this?!
2: Retread is my favorite hair conditioner! I use this with Rehab and my hair has never been healthier (and it smells great! Like melon!)!
3: Cinders I love you! Cinders is my favorite winter bath ballistic, or just my favorite winter smell. I use loads of these every year! Cinders smells like almond, orange and cinnamon and they are filled with popping candy so they crackle in the water <3
4: H'suan wen hua smells like banana and cinnamon and is the best hairmask EVAR. No really. It saved my hair when I bleached the shit out of it. Now I just use it to fixate the color of my hair when I Henna it.
5: Brazened honey! Got this for free because I brought back some empty black pots for them to recycle! This and Catastrophe Cosmetic are my fav fresh masks, they make my skin feel like a baby's butt. Brazened honey smells of honey, ginger and lime and I use this together with Aqua marina and Breath of fresh air.
6: Merry xmas is my favorite of all the new christmas products. THIS SMELL!!!! ULLGGGHHHH!!!!! That's all I'm going to say about it.
7: Three gold rings is such a great bubble bar! It makes your bathwater all fluffy and gold and smells like vanilla and myhrr. Great for bad days.
8: Magic wand! I got this Magic Wand for free too! I was so excited! It's a reusable bubble bar star which smells like Snow Fairy (candy floss and pear drops)! And it sparkles! So cute.
9: Vanishing cream is just a great daycream for my oily-ass shiny nose which drives my craaazy!
10: Pow wow is an amazing lipscrub, but I kindof bought this out of peer pressure from Mirjam ;D My lips are glad I did though, it contains jojoba oil, rose hip oil and argan oil which hydrates like no lipbalm I have ever used. But the best thing about it is that it is made with popping candy!!!! God I love popping candy. I could eat the whole jar.

Mirjam's score

1: Breath of fresh air
Bought this out of peer pressure from Anne! Ok, just a bit. This stuff is seriously amazing though, it makes my skin reeaally soft. I use it with Imperialis, and the amazing thing is that the crème doesn't stay on your skin but gets immediately sucked in through the powers that are the Breath of Fresh Air!
2: Angels delight
Angels Delight is a soap that I always thought looked beautiful. You can see a picture of the whole soap here. It has glitters and so many pretty colours, that it's a shame you have to cut it! And obviously, it smells amazing too (like mandarins!)
3: Magic wand
This one Anne got for free! I bought this because of the awesome smell, but also because the girls in the store kept waving it around so cute, saying "and then you put it in the water and go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth" and I could totally see myself doing that at home! At release parties all the girls at the store are dressed up, and they have all these different set-ups where they show you the new stuff while being in character. It's so funny because when you get home and use the products you still think about them doing all their funny & weird acts.
4: Rocketeer
Don't have anything to add to what Anne already said, besides the fact that it also glitters!
5: Jilted elf
Oh men, this is such a funny little thing. I love jellies, because when you get under the shower and try to use them they always get ridicously slippery and keep falling and you have to try very hard to hold on to them :') This one smells like winter, with ginger and cinnamon. And it also has wodka in it! (we also got wodka at the release party, which made me even more excited about this jelly ;D)
6: Merry xmas
When the girls in the store showed this to us and rubbed in onto our arms to let us smell it, Anne and I looked at eachother and knew we had to buy it immediately. God, the smell! Soooooo good!
7: Pow wow
I love this scrub so much! I have very dry lips in the winter, and this stuff is so smoothing and soft! And it tastes so nice! But even if it didn't, I would have bought it anyway, 'cause it POPS!!
8: The melting snowman
This was a present from Lush that they secretly put in my bag. I love it when they do that <3 This melting snowman was shown in the cellar, where the evil Willy Wonkers and his crazy Umpa Lumpa told us how they love it when snowmans melt. Look at the snowman looking all sad! I just had to take it home.
9: Cinders
This was my first product from Lush ever (of course as a present from Anne). Using it and smelling it gives me an immediate feel of nice warm evenings inside, watching the snow outside, while sitting by the fireplace. So good.

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