Thursday, October 10, 2013

Vlie pt. five

This is when the Into The Great Wide Open festival finally started! It was fun, ofcourse, but not as much fun as the previous years. I'm not sure if the crowd really had changed into annoying binge drinking party people or if we just weren't feeling it ourselves but, yea. I guess this was our last year. Still there were lots of high lights, like; the Dutch Weed Burger, the ghartjes museum, lovely people, the cute art and tshirt stand, Earth Mk. II, the record store, Harry Merry (both the documentary about him ánd his performance), the best mojitos ever, Keaton Henson in a lovely little church, KEATON HENSON, amazing freshly roasted coffee, de kolderkrant, and lots more (am I missing something Mimi?!)! So yea, Mirjam and I had a great greaaattt vacation together and I miss her and the fun we had a LOT. Hopefully we'll do something similar next year but without the festival stuff !

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