Thursday, February 07, 2013

Vrolik Part Three

This is the last part of my Vrolik posts, animal and faces edition! You can see part one here and part two here! And again; this post is not for the faint of heart and may be considered shocking.

I still find it hard to believe some of there are real. Pretty amazing though right? It feels like so long ago since we visited, I reaally want to go again and do a tour!



  1. If this was near me, I'd go like two or three times a year for sure. What are those things in the second picture? They look like one eyed dogs? Wait are they goats/cows?
    And What are those things in the 5th picture, they look like they have fish heads, but also legs!
    I'll admit the pictures with the faces of people, and parts cut up freaked me out a bit, but the ones of the babies didn't...

    1. Jep! Cyclops goats! Aren't they amazing? I can't exactly remember what the animals on the 5th picture are but I believe the middle one is an armadillo!

  2. Bij de vorige 2 posts dacht ik Ewww en nu bij de diertjes denk ik Awwww =)

  3. Wow thanks for sharing, dit gaat hard op mijn to do list als ik een keer in de buurt ben!

  4. Fascinerend en vies tegelijkertijd! Hele leuke blog heb je trouwens.

  5. Wat indrukwekkend ik moet daar echt is naartoe :)


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