Friday, July 13, 2012

Cats and Dragons

I have been working on this bag for my best friend's husband for MONTHS. I started it a few weeks before Ben's birthday in febuary but my workspace flooded and after that I had to work on the DAC sofa and when I finished that I was busy on a gazillion other things but I finally managed to finish it and got to give it to him on Mirjam's birthday, this tuesday. It's a bag for him to carry his white board in to his nerdy parties. The dragon is Tiamat from the animated Dungeons and Dragons tv-series!

I also made my best friend Mirjam this handpainted dress. The dress is thrifted and I painted her cat Chalo and a Small Tortoiseshell butterfly on it. These pictures don't do it much justice, I will post some pictures of Mirjam's birthday later so you can see the dress in action!

They both really liked the presents which obviously made me very very happy. I get so anxious when giving homemade gifts! All shaky and sweaty haha! It's crazy! I'm working on another gift at this very moment but I can't share it with you just yet, I'm still in the shaky and sweaty process of the thing. Later!



  1. "They both really liked the presents"???
    They both REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVED the presents!! <3 <3 <3

  2. Wow, de jurk vind ik echt heel gaaf gepimped en helemaal eigen gemaakt!
    De draken vind ik stiekem toch een beetje eng ;)


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