Friday, June 29, 2012


1: Pig Love 2: Fresh floral sheets, new pink bunny pjs and my cat bff. Only slept like 2 hours last night so I will be sleeping like a baby in 10 seconds.

3: That silly EK soccer stuff isn't all bad. 4: So. I guess I won't be finishing that Stephen King novel tonight huh.

5: Tacky nails. 6: Hello little fly-guy, I didn't mean to disturb you!

7: Framing some animals for an exposition this weekend! 8: This stuff may have SAVED MY LIFE

9: I match my succulents to my dress 10: Spraypainting a hundred lids for my glass jars... buh-bye pretty nails!

11: Dead. 12: Finished a handpainted margay tote!

13: Expo in Volendam! 14: Best.Day.Ever.

15: Having a pretty bad day today, but Brian always makes me feel better. I love him so much it hurts. 16: Look what I found!!!! It's huge!!! 40cm at least!!!

17: Rereading Blankets by Craig Thompson. It's just as beautiful as I remember it to be. 18: Went to check up on the huge mushroom I found yesterday and this was all that was left! A lot of black goo! Oh nature, you so silly

19: That cat! 20: My candy of choice, so I won't fall off my bike later. So.Tired.

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