Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Queensday Flea Market Haul!

The 30th of April is Queensday in the Netherlands, which means a lot of partying on the 29th (which I don't do) and people selling and buying a lot of stuff on the 30th (which I love to be part of!). I love going to these flea markets, and last year was the first time I went with Anne to a very large flea market near here house and it is the best flea market ever because it is HUGE. This year it was even bigger than last year, and we found some very good stuff :)

I mostly bought cat-stuff On the left is a book that you can put pictures in (Anne bought two at first, but she gave one to me. So pretty!), then there's a cat application, a glass thing with a cat picture that you can hang (I love it!), a beautiful classic cat figurine and a very sweet soft pink cat tin.

We found a guy who had two boxes full of cat figurines, for just ten cents per piece. There were so many! I imagined them previously belonging to the guy's old grandmother who had been collecting them her whole life.

I never even knew there was a Jaws book! Very curious to read it. & I love these dolls so much

Some new films :) I'm especially happy with Watership Down!

My most expensive buy was this studded faux-leather jacket at 12 euros. It has such beautiful lining! & I found a Star Wars shirt :)

The saddest horse in the world.. I just had to bring him home!

I spend about 20 euros in total (including the jacket), so I'm pretty happy! When I came home the cats were so intrigued by all the new smells! But Chalo approves :)

There was a time when I used to go to a different city every queensday (or multiple cities in one day) but then I found out that the best flea market is 15 minutes away from my house! So I have been going there every queensday for 5 years now and will probably never go anywhere else again. I didn't buy that much this year (I'm a first class hoarder, this is NOTHING to me) but I'm super happy with my finds!

Gizmo! 5 cents! I still can't believe it! Plus a lot of DVDs, none over 2 euros, most 50 cents.

Portrait of the saddest horse on the planet

Tiny framed birds, another flower press (can't have enough of those, mine are always full), a very well illustrated children's book, a floral handmirror and brush and a cute tin.

These are my favorite finds of this year! Badger plate and big cat figurine!

Another ugly sweater for my collection and a cute pink glittery cardigan which is neither glittery nor pink in this picture but is in real life.

Kitty photo album, application and some small figurines for my typecase.

Tom & Jerry elastic waistband, tiny glass pig, racist but awfully cute pendant and a Sailor Moon ring! Booyah!

I spend less than 30 euros in total, which isn't a lot for my standards. I'm proud of myself. Katrien doesn't give a crap though.

Mirjam & Anne



    1. VIJF CENT! En het is een originele! :D!!!!

    2. Haha wij keken die mevrouw ook echt aan alsof ze gek was toen ze dat zei :') "Zei.. zei u echt VIJF CENT??"

    3. Ik had het een keer met hele leuke nieuwe schoentjes. Stond helemaal klaar om af te dingen, toen die meneer zei "2 euro" ... Okay!


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