Saturday, May 05, 2012

Flower Press

One of my favorite spring-things are the flowers. Our house is facing a dike (or levee or whatever you want to call it) which is filled with all kinds flowers during the spring! I loved picking and pressing them as a kid, identifying them with one of the million flower books my mom has. And I still do. I started a new pressed flower notebook in the late summer of last year, which was obviously way too late so I have been waiting for spring so I could pick some actual wild flowers I love so dearly.
I'm feeling rather restless lately so I have been going on a lot of long walks with my ugly doggy Sofie in the nature surrounding my home. Taking my camera with my at all times because I always regret it if I don't. This time we went flower picking. The sun shone bright and it was very windy. Sofie and I had so much fun, I could tell by how she was jumping around the whole time. I love her so much.
I picked A LOT of flowers and I have three (!!!) presses filled at the moment, and a lot of left-over flowers in vases around the house. I hate being so impatient! I keep checking if they are ready but they are only in there for about a week now haha. I also keep finding new pretty flowers I don't have yet so I need my presses to be empty! Oh well.

These are my favorite flowers on the planet, Lady's Smock, so pretty and fragile

Buttercups are my second favorite flowers

Happiest dog on the planet!

This guy kept following me around!

Big ol' bag o' flowers!

These are the sheep my mom and I used to feed in this winter's snow. They look so much happier now.


MMM they smell gooood!

One flower press filled, two more to go! Can't wait to see how they turned out.


Found some really old and moldy pressed flowers and leaves in one of the presses I thrifted. So cute, I wonder who did these and why.



  1. bloemetjes drogen is zo leeeuk! ben je er zoveel mogelijk aan 't sparen om dan alles in een boek te plakken ofzo? wat leuk :)

    1. Ik ben gewoon een beetje verslaafd denk ik! Ik vind het zo leuk! Maar ik doe het niet echt met een doel, behalve dat ik gewoon in mijn plakboekje zo veel mogelijk verschillende bloemen wil en de rest bewaar ik om in illustraties te gebruiken oid.

    2. Vooral in illustraties gebruiken. Gemengde technieken zijn zo vaak sprekender daardoor! :)

  2. Ik had al verteld dat mijn oma precies zon pers had als jij hebt.
    Ze had allemaal mooie gedroogde bloemen in een lijstje geplakt voor mij en
    dat was eens uit elkaar gevallen en als kut puber denk je dan 'ach'
    En nu kan ik wel janken dat ik het nooit meer in elkaar heb gezet en bewaard heb :(

  3. Wat een heerlijke foto's <3


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