Saturday, April 28, 2012


1: Happy Easter everyone 2: Could not resist. I just love caleidoscopes too much!

3: Yet another day of drawing with my dear friend Menah. We finished 6 illustrations! 4: This guy won't let me sleep.

5: Working on two more handpainted tote bags to match the DAC sofa, a pretty much finished mouflon and a tawny owl in progress. 6: These few centimeters between desk and window are purfect!

7: Perfect ending to a busy sunday. 8: Menah and I got our eyes tested which made us look like mechanical owls.

9: Taking some pictures for the etsy shop! 10: Another super productive day. Set up two capybara tote bags and a costum pedro the rabbit tote bag for @nnkmll, not nearly done but hope to finish at least two by tomorrow.

11: 27 down, 36 to go! 12: Capybaras are SO weird! And by weird I mean AWESOME. Working very slow today though, bleh. I think I will just call it a day.

13: New pet! 14: Brian is just as tired as I am

15: I may have bought 20 of these babies 16: 20 more to go!

17: I love my piggies! 18: Made my very first rhubarb pie and it turned out pretty damn delicious!

19: Brian watches me paint but does not approve. At all. 20: Finished two capybaras, now working on two margays!

Pictures are clickable!


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