Tuesday, February 14, 2012


After more than a year of waiting, last weekend our cats finally arrived! Why did it take so long? Well, I've always loved cats to pieces, but because I've also always been allergic to them I was never able to have a feline friend myself. Until we found out that there are certain breeds of cats that allergic people tend to react less allergic to. And that's how we ended up with Russian Blue's! We visited a breeder nearby to see how I would react to a room full of Russian Blue's, and nothing happened! No reaction at all! I was so happy! So, we started the process of getting our own cats :D

The breeder also took her cats to catshows, and she told us that there was one particular female cat that didn't really like going to these shows and that also was not reacting very well to all the nests and general commotion in the house. So she suggested that we let that cat (she is called Toesje / Toes, which is short voor Katyusha) have one other nest and then take her in with one of her kittens.

The first time we visited the breeder was in November 2010 and because Toesje just wouldn't get in heat, we had to wait a very 1444444444 (<- kitten typing, sorry!) long time. But they finally arrived, and it was so worth the wait! The kitten that came with Toesje is a male cat and he is called Chalo (which is short for Nachalo), but we also call him ugly boy / stinky / Nacho. He is the cutest guy in the world, I'm so in love with him! He has two modes of behaving: he is either running around like a crazy cat, jumping up on walls and just being hysterical, or sleeping totally comatose. He is very exploring, smart and sweet, he follows my every footstep, loves cuddling (and makes it VERY clear when he wants to be cuddled) and licking my face and my fingers and he has the cutest miauw in the world. Ok, enough talking, I know you just want to see pictures! Toes is in heat at the moment and very cranky all the time, and I didn't wanna bother her with taking pictures so I will introduce you to her at a later moment.

Happily lying on some books

Looking a bit guilty but satisfied at the books thrown off of the shelf

Reading up on the news together

He gets such a cute smile on his face when he falls asleep!

Note: it took me ages to type this post, since Chalo was walking on my keyboard and licking my hands the whole time :') I love it haha!



  1. Lieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeef! :D

  2. jeetje ik wist niet dat dat bestond, katten rassen waarbij je dan een minder erge allergische reactie krijgt, of zelfs helemaal geen D:
    maar super tof dat je dan toch eindelijk katten hebt zo :)
    en wat een schatje is het, de combinatie van z'n vacht met z'n ogen is zo mooi! ben benieuwd naar zn mama


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