Monday, January 02, 2012

New stuff!

Winter is the perfect sweater-buying-time, and I recently bought a few that I really like. They're so soft and pretty. Both were thrifted, I think the left one was 10 euros and the right one 6 euros.

This was my Christmas sweater for this year! It was also thrifted and I think I paid 15 euros for it. I was so happy when I found this! It has a lot of pretty details like embroided beads and golden threads. And the Christmas tree even has bows in it!

My mom bought me this amazing pink coat (by Asos) for Christmas, I love it so much! It's such a pretty color and I love the neckline. And it was on sale, so I don't need to feel too guilty.

I bought this faux leather classic schoolbag at Primark for only 5 euros! Can you believe it? I immediately fell in love with it when Anne and I spotted it at the store, and loved it even more when we opened it and saw that it is such a pretty pink inside. And best of all: my schoolstuff actually fits into it! Love it!



  1. wat een geweldig leuke dingen! vooral die truien, maar ook de kleur van je jas en die tas en aaaah. alles dus eigenlijk :)

  2. Aaah die bovenste rechtertrui is awesome! Ik heb ook een trui uit de kringloop in precies die kleuren! (maar met heel veel wit :P)
    En die jas is geweldig maar dat had ik volgens mij al op Flickr gezegd en uhm die tas <3

  3. @Marloe Haha thanks <3 Ik word ook altijd zo blij van mooie dingen kopen (zeker als ze zo weinig kosten!) ^^
    @Angélica Awesome! Ik kom er maar niet achter of deze zelf is gebreid, ik denk het wel. Zo'n nice patroon <3 & Thanks!


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