Thursday, January 05, 2012

Lush sale!

Lush is having an amazing sale! 50% off on all christmas/winter products!!! Tomorrow is their last day so go get some while you can!!! (I may be getting some more tomorrow too...)

I bought;
Cinders x3! Cinders is my favorite winter bath bomb and I can not wait another year to have another Cinders bath so I bought 3 of them! They smell so delicious plus they crackle in the water!
Three Gold Rings is one of my favorite christmas bubble bars! Turns your water a pretty shimmery gold and smells just as amazing as Creme Anglaise (which is way too expensive for me).
Gingerbread House smells great and looks so cute!
Christmas Eve! I love the smell of jasmine!
Candy Mountain makes me feel like Charlie the Unicorn.
Christmas Massagebar!!!! My favorite lush massagebar EVER!!! Sweet oranges, cinnamon and black pepper mmmm! I use this everyday!
Retread wasn't on sale but I was out of it so I had to buy some more. My favorite conditioner! I use it with Rehab, my hair has never been happier.
Colour Supplement was another one of those things I just needed. Great foundation! I use it everyday and my skin doesn't mind at all!

So, I don't want to brag but I really do smell amazing 8) thank you Lush!

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