Saturday, December 24, 2011


1: Burrowing owl iPhone sleeve for Renske! 2: ILU moonboots and I am never taking you off again!

3: Me and my glittery circlescarf on our way to Mirjam to buy lots of crap at the Primark! 4: Best thrift find; Jurassic Park chair.

5: I had sewn a blue dress of some fabric I hand-dyed! 6: It has plastic babies as buttons

7: Love Amsterdam by night. 8: Horses in the snow sweater! Best ever.

9: Brian brought a very pretty dead mouse into my bed. 10: I painted some tote bags.

11: Smizing Brian. 12: Watching Batman and Robin and Scooby Doo with my cutie little nephew.

13: My new favorite christmas sweater. (I was very ill when I took this picture, can you tell? :')) 14: Cross-stitching like a madwoman (+ hot chocolate with baileys! nom!)

15: Merlin and I had a fun day with crazy sweet cupcakes and a few movies, like the old days. 16: Sam is craaazzyyy!!

17: Pj's, knitting and a seriously loudly purring kittycat. 18: Rainbow cupcakes!

19: Calico cat tote for Frederique! 20: More cat christmas sweaters!

21: MMMM THOSE STICKERS SMELL GOOOOD 22: WHY did I HAVE to paint my type case pink?! Painting all those tiny little compartments drove me nuts!


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