Saturday, September 17, 2011

I sew!

I loooove sewing! Especially dresses. I recently made my favorite one so far, this pretty flowery one with deer buttons! I bought the fabric (maybe you remember it from this post! I used it as a background haha) at the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam, I guess it was pretty old because it was really dusty. So I washed it and turned into this great fitting dress. The top gets a bit poofy when I wear it, just the way I like it! I don't like my clothes too tight (or too boring, for that matter). I'm working on a horse dress at the moment, but will update on that one later. Anyway, this new dress is a great opportunity to show you some more of the clothes I've sewn (I knit a lot of stuff too but that is for another post)!

1. Made from a WWF duvet cover I used to looooove as a child! It doesn't fit my duvet anymore so I made a dress out of it! 2. Made from a duvet cover I bought at my favorite thrift store for 1 euro! 3. Made from a duvet cover I bought on marktplaats which still cracks me up every time! 4. Fabric I actually bought at a fabricstore haha. Bought it at Jan Sikkes in Haarlem! 5. Same as 4, but this one has the best buttons ever! Not sure where I bought those though.. 6. Made from a duvet cover I bought at the Waterdag flea market.
I made some more dresses but these are my favorites. I wear them a lot so they are starting to look a bit eh, worn. But when I put them on they still look cute.

I like to make low crotched pants as well! (And look at that chicken!) I bought this AWESOME turtle fabric at queens day last year. This used to be a duvet cover as well and every time I wear it I wonder what little boy used to sleep under this haha! (I wanted to say "sleep under my pants" but that sounded a bit off hahah!)

Made this from the same duvet cover fabric as dress 3! Crazy pants!

I will make a post of stuff I've knitted soon! Hope you enjoyed!

Words Anne, Pictures Anne


  1. Heb je een patroontje voor al je leuke jurkjes of werk je uit de losse hand?

    1. Ik heb wel een soort-van zelfgemaakt patroon, maar ik gebruik hem niet letterlijk :) dus een beetje er tussen in! En elk jurkje is anders :)


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