Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Dandyano asked me to make him an iPad sleeve! He had no idea what he wanted on it or what colours or what ever so he just let me do what ever I wanted to do. This is what happens when you let me do what ever I want :')! It's a portait of him riding his cat through space, if that wasn't clear enough. I painted it with acrylics mixed with textile medium on hand-dyed cotton and the lining is made out of a thick fleece-like fabric. I sure hope he likes it!

First layer!

SPAAACE! Decided to cover the backside of the sleeve in stars as well.

I'm a total chicken so I always sketch out the total design first before I transfer it over to the actual fabric.



Finally done :)

Yes, I did tidy my desk in the meanwhile.

Oh hi Brian.

I made it to fit the iPad exactly (or so I hope, had no chance to test it) but made a little button thingy just to be sure. (I'm a total dumbass, I wanted to sew a zipper into it but I didn't leave enough room, hope he doesn't mind..)

Crappy scan of the front (Why won't my scanner scan fabric properly? What's up with that?)!

Would you ride your cat through space if you could? I know I would.

Words & Pictures Anne


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  2. Dit is de meest fantastische Ipad hoes <3

    1. Mag ik vragen wat voor materiaal je gebruikt om op de tasjes te tekenen? :) Acryl en acrylstiften?


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