Monday, August 08, 2011

Some dudes marry dudes

As fans of anything glittery and/or pink, Anne and I love the Gay Pride Canal Parade. Our favorite boats are the ones with extravagant transvestites, who are always wearing the most amazing outfits. Unfortunately we missed our favorite girl (Lady Galore, don’t you just love her name? <3), because she was on one of the last boats and it started pouring rain about two hours in.

This year there were a lot of people who seemed to have rehearsed some dances to perform on the boats, which was really cute. I can just see them rehearsing without all their costumes on, in an empty office space or in someone’s house (furniture to the side). Of course there is always someone who doesn’t pay that much attention and then messes up, which makes it even more cute.
There were also a lot of boats that had machines on them which blew a billion small pieces of paper in so many beautiful colors into the air (which then of course fell into the water) and that looked so beautiful.

My favorite boat this year was the one from the army. It was the first year that they were allowed to be on the boat in their uniforms and it was quite an impressive sight as they saluted. Next year hopefully they’ll have glitters and gogo-dancers as well! (ok, maybe that would be a bit too much).

Pictures are clickable!

Words Mirjam, Pictures Anne

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