Thursday, January 08, 2015

365: 001-007

Time to bring some life into this dead ass blog. Right? And what better way than to start a project! Remember that Count Your Blessings thing I did a year of so ago? That was a lot of fun and I miss taking pictures a lót so hey! Why not. Take a picture every day. The timing is kinda crappy though because I left my actual camera at my mom's on Christmas day so my shitty iPhone will have to do for the first few pictures.


001 - starting off this project with an iPhone picture that wasn't even made by me haha but hey we had Dutch Weed Burgers and vegan fries at our friend Annika's place! Best start of the year ♥


002 - Menah sent me a little piece of this wonderful drawing she made, I'm so honored! Read more about it here.


003 - trying to figure out what to do with my shop. What to list and recreate and what to leave behind.


004 - my fav person came to visit and cuddle the kitties!


005 - visited my mom who makes these crazy wire constructions on her birdfeeders so the chickens won't get up there to steal the seeds ♥ (Yay! First actual picture of the project!)


006 - still at my mom's, taking advantage of her bathtub. Brought a bunch of Lush Christmas bathbombs and a big pot of Roots hair treatment, ofcourse.


007 - I've had pretty much the same wallet for over 10 years! I got my first Totoro wallet when I was 16 y/o and got another one with a different print about 6 years later. And since that one was splitting at the seams and just eh well, falling apart, I finally ordered this one! Can't believe how pretty it is, even on the inside! (Came in an envelope with the loveliest stamps as well!)

That was fun, let's see if I can keep this up for the rest of the year.

P.S. I'm making some changes in the overall PONY PEOPLE design and stuff so things may look a bit weird over here. Bare with me though! I promise it's gonna look good!

Also celebrating the start of this obviously amazing new year with 15% off on anything in the shop. Just use code YEAROFTHEHORSE :) xoxo


  1. Yaaaaaay Annneeee! :) En Annnikkkaaa! :)
    En die tekening van Menah is weer echt heel mooi, zij maakt ook echt te bizar mooie dingen! :)


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