Monday, February 03, 2014

What's in my bag

Okay so first of all, I feel like I need to get this out of the way; you may have noticed I'm not a very organized person. I like to have lots of things cluttered around me and I have a hard time throwing things out (needless to say, my friends joke about me being a hoarder -__-). However, I try to keep my bag at least somewhat organized (okay so this may have something to do with my love for zipper pouches) and keep most of the things in my backpack in cases and pouches (maybe also to keep things clean). But usually there's also a lottt of receipts (I just cleaned those out since I did my taxes though*~) and empty candy wrappers and crumbs and other stuff floating around, but I obviously left those out of the picture because they are very un-cute. So I wanted to make sure you know I diiid some minor tweaking to the contents of my bag, but nothing major (please forgive me)! ANYWAY, yay! My first WIIMB post! I hope you enjoy snooping around in people's private stuff as much as I do!

My bag of choice is this bright teal Herschel backpack (with cool candy striped lining!) my mom got me for my birthday Inside are from left to right from top to bottom;

Totoro wallet containing a few subscription cards, savings cards, some loose change and a picture of my mom when she was my age
Clear zipper pouch with various lip balms, lipsticks and nailpolish
Bright yellow beaded zipper pouch containing a few packs of gum
Fluffy pen case with a bunch of pens and pencils, dog ruler, minature watercolor set, green staples etc etc
Pipoos savings card
Panda bear fork
iPhone with Natali Koromoto sticker and Hello Kitty hanger
Expired passport
Glittery bear card holder
Bike lights
One of my handpainted cat zipper pouches I didn't sell because I wasn't happy about it, with some SD-cards and pink in-ear headphones inside
Keys with too much crappy keychains and USB flash drive
Sage Urbanears Plattan headphones
Floral pouch containing a few hairties, a plastic bracelet, emergency pills, toothbrush, totoro hairclip, cats and bunnies bandaids, period stuff
Troll spectacle case with crappy spectacles in vintage handkerchief
A few pins
Coconut chapstick
Purple Moleskine weekly planner with James Jean illustration on front and Mel Stringer sticker on back
Something to read (Gon vol. 2 by Masashi Tanaka)
Mickey Mouse plastic thermos I use as a water bottle

Feel free to send me links to your WIIMB-posts I'd love to see!

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