Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pig in Space

These pigs! I miss them so much. City life is fine and all but WHERE ARE THE PIGGIES?! WUUF! UGH! Needless to say I'm always very happy to see these guys when I can, and as was the case the last couple of days while visiting my parents. Love these fluffy guys!
The adventures living on the country side will bring you though.

Last night I woke at about 2 am from a bunch of police men pounding on our doors and windows. They came to ask if we owned pigs, a black one with lighter spots in particular. When I told him we most certainly did he answered that this very pig was miles away, ON THE HIGH WAY, blocking the entire road and traffic. They had been out there for half an hour already. Six police men, three police cars with flashing lights, one pig. One very very confused pig, determined to stay just right there where she was. We spent about three hours trying to get her out of there. We tried everything. She had no real interest in food so luring her back home with old bread and orange peels was no option. She was way too stressed. We tried just grabbing her to get her in the car but that's one heavy and, most importantly, strong pig. Six buff police men couldn't lift her. I guess there's no need to get into every single detail but believe me, we tried everything. For hours. I even woke up the local veterinarian to ask her to give her some kind of anesthetic, which we obviously dreaded but felt like we didn't have a choice. Fortunately it didn't get that far, after a few hours we got our cool farmer dude neighbor out of bed who brought around his horse trailer and I don't know how but we managed to get her in and brought her home.
Where her brother was still sound asleep.
Three hours in the dark cold night in the middle of the high way, pushing and pulling our beloved but very stubborn pig friend. Such a crazy experience. It'll probably always remain a mystery how she got out of a locked barn and why ever the hell would she go out that far on the road? I really don't think we'll ever know.
Definitely one for the books though.



  1. Ik dacht dat ik aan het lezen was over een droom die je had!

  2. Haha ja zo voelde het ook wel. Helaas niet ;D


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