Monday, March 04, 2013

Count Your Blessings #36

What made me feel blessed this week:
Remember the macaque skull I thrifted a while back? I found it's jaw at the same thriftstore! By accident! It was awesome! I'm still super excited about it!, having the flu but still being able to do some work though very slowly, making buttons, painted kitty zipper pouches, sticker sets, a glittery handpainted manatee pillow, more buttons, Bionina, the magpie immitating a cat's meow, glitter everywhere, my dinosaur kaleidoscope, pink and lavender pants for pretty much nothing, awesome thriftfinds, sunshine, the bestest best friend ever, my little stand at a handmade market, the smell of hyacinths in bloom, Brian.

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  1. ♡ Ik vind je kaleidoscope foto's altijd zo leuk hea

    1. Dat vind ik leuk want ik maak ze zo graag haha <3

  2. Ooh die kaleidoscope foto's zijn awesome! En die laatste foto is mooi <3 Ik wil ook kanten gordijntjes voor de mooie schaduwen <3
    Ooh en die eerste is zo leukkk!


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