Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rhesus Macaque

This is the first of a new series I'm doing here on the blog! It's sort of a drawing diary thingy, probably mostly animal nature stuff. Because you know, that's what I like.
In this first one I drew this female rhesus macaque and her skull, one of which I found in a thriftstore a while back (you can see it here). It took me forever trying to figure out what animal the skull belonged to. I did a bazillion of those little internet tests but they all said either human (no way) or primate (not specific enough). I tried to get a book on the subject but I couldn't find any thing nice. Then one day, I was just reading my RSS feed and came across a post by Elsa Billgren, and then there it was. A picture of a rhesus macaque's skull, in one of her paris posts. I'm so excited because that's one of my favorite monkeys and I just could not resist drawing one. And, here it is! Click the picture to see it bigger (better).



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