Monday, August 27, 2012


01: As a true Dutchman I grow my shrooms in a clog. 02: Working on a little hedgehog illustration for a nature magazine!

03: Another dress done! I'm really happy with this one! Eventhough it has a million little flaws (the pressure of a perfect fabric) I am smitttten with the little 70's sheep and soft pink collar. 04: Close up!

05: I can not resist cheap nailpolish in pretty colors. 06: Best oilcloth ever! Making huge totes out of it!

07: I réálly should have bought this little guy! 08: Working on two grasshopper totes! I'm pretty sure noone will like these but me but what can I say, I love drawing grasshoppers! I can't be stopped!

09: Also coming up; tapir & tapir baby totes! 10: Fed up with everyone and everything. Fortunately I have my dear friends Brian and Stephen King to comfort me.

11: Went to see the Kubrick exhibition in the Eye in Amsterdam with Mimi today. Pretty good! Especially the The Shining stuff! 12: Nice fleamarket haul! Dvd's, huge cat statue, flower press, Ren & Stimpy comic, pretty Alice In Wonderland books, deer and bird figurines and a gorgeous illustrated mushroom book ❤

13: I might just join you piggyboy ☀☀☀☀☀ 14: Map dress!

15: Me and my crappy sketching skills are working on something fun today! 16: Egg-head, Pink-paws.

17: This emergency evening bike ride isn't all bad. 18: Another dress! I made this from the cutest vintage embroidered linnens I found while thrifting last week. I know, a solid color? What? Am I sick? I just like lavender okay. I promise I'll wear it with a crazy cat cardigan.

19: Next up; this awesome deer fabric I got from @merelgroenemeisjes as a gift! I love it so much! 20: full!

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  1. Oh, maar stiekem staat de sprinkhaan in mijn top drie van mooiste kaartjes in jouw Etsy-shop. Dus die tassen kan ik ook wel appreciëren!

    Zoveel kleedjes. Het lijken me comfortabele stoffen om te dragen?

    Ha, en die klompen, en egel, en vintage spullen... ik vind het allemaal geweldig.

  2. Dat konijnenprintje! Wauw, zo cute :D

  3. Oeh, die jurkjes vind ik echt heel gaaf!

  4. omg je was in amsterdam noord :o

  5. Oh wauw je kleedjes zijn super! Zeker de twee eerste vind ik super!


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