Friday, July 20, 2012


01: It took me 1,5 years but I finally had some business cards printed! 02: sketchfase

03: Morla, the Ancient One 04: This thing is driving me INSAAANNNEEE! This is why I draw animals.

05: Cat, I'm a kittycat. And I dance dance dance and I dance dance dance! 06: Dusted off my trusty rusty bike and went on a heavenly ride. Will be fitting this into my daily routine from now on

07: Thank you Sam 08: dumdumduuuum

09: I love it when people bring me dead animals this guy drowned :( 10: Made my best friend a dress with her cat and a butterfly painted on it!

11: I also made her husband this Tiamat Dungeons And Dragons bag! 12: That is one horrible (yet hilarious) Star Wars mural.

13: LOOK AT MY TINY ALLIGATOR 14: My tiger-friend

15: These two 16: Tomatoes from our garden! Delicious!

17: Meow 18: I love cycling in the rain. Another flat tire? Not so much.

19: Had some new postcards printed! 20: Trusty rusty isn't being so trusty. Guess pink handlebars aren't everything.

You can find me @ponypeople


  1. haha, je business card is echt tof!
    en ik ben jaloers op je fiets! dat model vind ik zo leuk (:
    ik ben de laatste tijd ook meer gaan fietsen, puur om het fietsen, heerlijk!

    1. Dankje! En ja ik vind fietsen ook héél fijn! Alleen werkt m'n fiets helemaal niet mee de laatste tijd :(


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