Thursday, May 17, 2012


1: Fridays are for picking and pressing loads of flowers 2: Can I just stay in bed today? Blegh.

3: Finished sewing 2 capybara tote bags today! This and a black one. 4: Oh Queensday, do I love you.

5: Paws in the air if you love washing up before bed! 6: Working on a honeybee illustration for a nature magazine!

7: May the fourth be with you! I'm off to get my prescription into these granny glasses I thrifted. 8: Hippy-barefeet-workspace-painting party!

9: My boy gained some weight 10: My workspace has never been this clean nor pretty! I love how my pink desk turned out

11: Tastiest risotto ever mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, fennel, green onions, a looot of garlic and I added spinach, balsamic vinager and feta cheese later! 12: Making my mom some rooster labels for her collection of glass jars. Trying to use as little detail as possible so it'll look good when very small but bleeerhh! It doesn't work like I want it to! And mothers day is so close!

13: Picked some fresh flowers. 14: Had THE best day today, hunting for tadpoles

15: My babies survived the cold night! Can't wait to see them change! 16: Crazy eyes.

17: Darling cat. 18: My cutie nephew Sam and I went out to the park to set free the tiny little salamanders he had found!

19: Look at that little face! He felt amazing (in a very gooey way) too. 20: I told you it would be a mess in no time. At least it's a cute and pink mess.

Pictures are clickable!


P.S. My username is PONYPEOPLE, if you ever wanted to find me.

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