Thursday, May 24, 2012

Beautiful soup

I did this illustration for my old friend Amber, who is doing a project on different perceptions of beauty. I wouldn't normally do this kind of thing but I like this project and I guess I have a different opinion on the subject. The thing is, I find the human race is the least beautiful thing on this planet. We are self-centered and ignorant. We déstróy beauty. I believe true beauty lies in nature, because there is nothing more pure and innocent and amazing and surprising. It blows my mind every day.
Anyway, I drew a grasshopper because I am so fascinated by insects, and somewhat obsessed with grasshoppers lately. They are like tiny alien creatures, so amazingly well designed and without some sleek guy in sneakers and Ray Ban's slaving over it behind an Apple computer. It's just there. That's how it was born. Pretty amazing (beautiful) if you ask me.

On a somewhat different note; I decided to pick up my PPWW project again (I quit due to all kinds of crazy stuff happening, like my workspace flooding), to help build my animal-illustration portfolio. So I guess I will be posting a lot more of those from now on. And when I think of it, I need to draw more personal stuff all together. I'll think of some more projects to start. Hm!



  1. Mooi!
    En ik was ook gevraagd voor dat project ja, mijn onderwerp was ook de natuur! :)

  2. Heel mooi, lieve sprinkhaan! Ik hoop er binnenkort eens eentje tegen het lijf te lopen met mijn lensje en iPhone op zak :)


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