Friday, January 20, 2012

Another day at the Ijhallen indoor flea market!

STUFFED WOMBAT!!!! Seriously. Why didn't I buy this.

The Loot:

Butterfly brooch

Cat brooch

Sweater in my favorite colors! (Looks really worn out on this picture but isn't! I just stuffed it in my bag and didn't feel like ironing it for the picture haha, it's actually new!)

Purple Grandpa shoes

Awesome deer 3D picture!

Plastic piggy

So, didn't buy much but I really enjoyed it this time! Last time I was really overwhelmed by the weird factory hall vibe which got me very anxious. But not this time! Can't wait to go again.

Also; I was working on this post a little over a week ago when my iMac just stopped working. That's why I haven't been updating and why I'm behind om commissions and PPWW and other stuff. Next week will be a week of hard work to get back up to speed. Thanks for your patience!


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