Friday, December 30, 2011

Uniworn - December

This is what I have been wearing for the entire month of december! I love my chrismas cat sweaters and I really want to wear them ALL THE TIME! I won't, I promise, but I have worn the shit out of them in December! I mostly wore them with simple short black stretchy skirts, black or red or green tights, some knee high socks and my moonboots or my brown fauxleather boots.

Sweater #1 was 15 euro, I bought it at Zipper and has super tacky gold details.
Sweater #2 was 2 euro, is thrifted from the Noordermarkt and has more cats on the back.
Sweater #3 was 2 euro, is thrifted from the Noordermarkt and has pretty red glitter.

See ya next year, my dear sweaters!


P.S. Excuse my awkward poses, I am very self conscious about taking my own picture and I am trying to overcome this haha. Hope it'll get better in time! For now; just ignore me and look at my pretty sweaters :D!


  1. jaaa ze blijven geweldig :D
    ik ben benieuwd naar eventuele uitbreiding volgend jaar!

  2. @Marlou haha ja ik hoop het wel! Het doel is om op een gegeven moment elke dag van December een andere aan te kunnen :D dus nog 28 te gaan!


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