Saturday, August 20, 2011


I'm a bit of a shopping addict, but I don't like to spend any money. So, as you can imagine, flea markets are like heaven to me. I had a great day with my niece, diving through piles of junk at the flea market in Edam and we bought so much I wish I had more arms to carry them with. My niece bought tons of cat related little statues and I bought, well, junk. But that's what I like!

I have been wanting a ViewMaster since forever! But this was a total rip off, way too expensive. I hate people trying to make tons of money on a flippin' flea market.

LOVED this but it was way too expensive as well. So cute.

And now for some things I díd buy!

Huuuge bright colored sports bag! I've been wanting one of these since ages but I never found one in either the right color or the right price. But! Finally! Just 1 euro!

I'm a sucker for old plastic toys. Used to have loads of these when I was a kid but my mom threw them all out.

Look at those haaands! 5 for just 50 cents!

2 for 10 cents!

These are my favourites! I feel like I kind of ripped off the old guy I bought them from though. He thought I was buying them for my little niece and that's why I got all five of them for only 5 euros. "It's nice that kids these days still like this kind of toys instead of video games!" but I just bought them for myself... They are worth so much more, they are really old.

Cat thermos! Can you believe it? It's so pretty I want to die. 1 euro!

I love tacky sportswear... Will never wear the pants and the jacket together though haha! That's a bit much, even for me. Lady wanted 5 euros for it but I got it for only 2! Score!

This is probably the ugliest thing you have ever seen! I could not stop laughing when I first saw this home-made granny oven mitten. It's so funny but cute at the same time. And I had to buy it, just 10 cents!

Bought this War of the Worlds record for Mirjam! Such beautiful artwork! She already has this but let it melt in the sun, so I had to buy her a new one when I found it. Just 1 euro!

Books I need to read and a DVD I need for my collection. 5 euros!

Kitty fabric! Will make a pretty dress out of this one. Just 1,50! My niece bought it in pink.

Prettiest WWF teacup! Just 1 euro! I love it!

Huge framed Star Wars poster for just 2 euros! I can not wait to have my own place so I can hang this on my wall...and put all my plastic junk on shelves.

So, great stuff for just 18 euros and 70 cents! That's what I call a great day.

Words Anne, Pictures Anne

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  1. so jealous of your thrifty finds! They are awesome!!!!


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