Monday, August 15, 2011

Sea life

One of my favorite animals in the world is the leafy sea dragon. It’s related to the seahorse, but has “leaves” attached to his whole body which make him look very fairy-like, but also a bit awkard and so cute. (Anne did an illustration of a leafy sea dragon for her Daily Droppings project, which you can see here.)

I recently saw one leafy sea dragon in the Bray Aquarium (Dublin), and I heard there was also one in a Dutch aquarium. So last week Anne and I went to visit Sea Life in Scheveningen. Unfortunately, Sea Life turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. The aquarium was very small and because of the holidays, also very crowded. There was a lot of noise and chaos going on and the aquaria were kind of hard to take a good look at. They did have some of our favorite sea-creatures (stonefish, lionfish, blowfish and axolotl for example) and there was a special part with just seahorses. That was also the part where I was expecting the leafy sea dragon but.. it turned it wasn’t there at all! Which was a bit of a disappointment of course.

So yeah, kind of a sad trip to the aquarium. But we saw some animals that we really liked, so that was nice. They also had a few lobster-exoskeletons which were really pretty. And we even were able to take a few pictures!

Note: I will be taking some time off, so upcoming blog posts will be written by Anne.

Words Mirjam, Pictures Anne

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