Saturday, October 22, 2011


We went on a trip to the zoo again! This time we TOUCHED A TAPIR!!! No need to tell you this goes in the top ten of the most amazing experiences EVER. Also, we saw some very cute baby geckos, witnessed some sort of mating ritual between the Rhinoceros Iguanas and WE TOUCHED A TAPIR (or did I already mention that?)

This little guy (a Reeves' Muntjac) is just a baby and he was so cute and shy, hiding away in the hay.

Ohw, these owls! They're very tiny and look so funny and cute! This time they were sitting on a rock to catch some sun. Aaahw! (L)

The bird-version of Anne. (really)

Rhinoceros Iguana just before the mating ritual (sorry, no pictures of that)

This is the Collared Anteater that we visited last time, but didn't get a picture of. I think Artis just has one, 'cause we still couldn't find the other one. This guy was walking around very fast all the time, and he walks in such a sweet way, with his tail sweeping around!

TOUCHED TAPIR! (looking very un-impressed)

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